Wholesale IP Transit

Leverage the full power of the Australian tier-1 domestic and international transit networks.

Start your no obligation free IP Transit trial today and get connected in 72 hours!

Nexthop IP Transit Service Benefits

Premium Blend

Nexthop leverages extensive peering and transit connectivity to provide you with a premium blended, Tier-1 Telco Carrier backed, feed. Take a full BGP table, domestic routes or the default route, the choice is yours.

Aggregate across multiple ports

Need ports in multiple locations and want to share the same commit? Not a problem, we make it easy to add additional ports.

Nexthop provides 1G, 10G, 20G or 100G handoff ports.

Dual stack IPv4 and IPv6

It's the digital age, if it isn't dual stacked it's not a network built for the future. All BGP sessions are dual stack enabled by default.

Flexible Billing

We provide burst above commit on all ports by default, to give you flexibility to burst above your commit for short periods.

95th percentile billing across multiple ports.

Nexthop IP Transit Service Parameters

Service Parameters

Service Features Supported

Included Internet Data


Service Speeds

100 mbps - 100 Gbps

Interface Speeds

10G-LR, 100GBASED - LR4

Service Handoff

Optical: Single Mode fibre from router interface (LACP also available at no extra charge)

IP Addressing

Customer or Nexthop supplied IP Addresses. Nexthop provides one (1) static IPv4 address as a /31 by default (no charge). Additional addresses are available (standard fees apply)

IPv6 Support

Fully Supported

Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) Peering

Fully Supported

Aggregated Billing

Billing of multiple connections in aggregate is available allowing you to share a single commit across multiple POPs

IP Burst

Speed bursting configurations are available at 1:2 or 1:4 with 95th percentile billing

Backup Connection

Available in all locations (Port fees may apply)

Technical Support

Available 24/7 with Australia based NOC

Service Level Targets


What is IP Transit?

Technically, IP Transit simply refers to a service that an Internet Service Provider (ISP) offers its downstream clients to allow their Internet traffic to traverse the ISP’s network in order to reach other networks on the Internet.

Also known as “transit”, IP Transit is wholesale, BGP enabled Internet for the use of ISPs, Carrier and large Enterprises with AS numbers. Nexthop’s IP transit provides our full Internet routing, plus other peers’ downstream routes. When comparing IP transit, some routes are better than others, some bandwidth capabilities better than others, some lower latency, and so on. We partner with Tier One providers to get the best domestic and international routes and peer inside some of Australia’s most popular data centres.

To be able to purchase IP transit, you must also have an AS number, be familiar with and run BGP (Border Gateway Protocol). By purchasing IP transit, you’ll receive a full BGP table that contains the prefixes of our other customers, prefixes of our ISP peers, and the prefixes of any other upstream providers.

What are the key benefits of Nexthop IP transit?

Full routing visibility

Gain visibility into your IP transit and routes. Choose the routes that provide the best outcomes for your business or utilise BGP through our tier one connections. Control and configure to your own specification via communities.

Network performance

Australia has a unique set of challenges for Internet performance, with a relatively dense population in major capital cities, with huge distances and very low density between centres. Nexthop understands the importance of reach and performance across the Australian continent, and have built our backbone and interconnects to ensure we can deliver the best possible experience for our downstream clients to reach the largest population centres in Australia.

Commercial flexibility

Nexthop provides burstable access, aggregated billing and flexible contract terms. We offer bespoke commercial terms to clients based on their traffic profiles and requirements.

Arista core networks for lowest latency

Nexthop provides a full-featured Arista core network with east and west submarine cable paths leaving Australian shores.

How IP transit works?

IP transit is a dedicated Internet service provided by (and to) ISPs, routing Internet traffic from one network to another. The service allows a network operator (the customer) to connect to the global Internet through the ISP's backbone network. The ISP provides a connection to its network, usually at a datacentre via a dedicated cross connect or over a vlan on an Internet Exchange (IX) peering point, providing routing information via BGP to the customer, enabling the customer's network to reach other networks on the Internet. The customer pays a fee for a fixed amount of dedicated bandwidth capacity (commited information rate) and can access burst capacity above this at a 95th percentile rate.

Datacentres where Nexthop IP Transit is avaliable

Available port speeds Datacentre cross connection Edge IX VLL


Equinix Mascot Campus
1G / 10G / 20G / 100G
4 Eden Park Drive, Macquarie Park
1G / 10G / 20G / 100 G
Globalswitch Sydney
400 Harris St, Ultimo
1G / 10G / 20G / 100G
Vocus Sydney VDC-SYD01
59 Doody St, Alexandria
1G / 10G / 20G / 100G
6/8 Giffnock Ave, Macquarie Park
1G / 10G / 20G / 100G
Macquarie Data Centres Intellicentre 2 (IC2)
17-23 Talavera Road, Macquarie Park
1G / 10G / 20G / 100G
2 Broadcast Way, Artarmon
1G / 10G / 20G / 100G
Macquarie Data Centres Intellicentre 1 (IC1)
Level 16/477 Pitt St
1G / 10G / 20G / 100G
5G Networks
55 Pyrmont Bridge Road, Pyrmont
1G / 10G / 20G / 100G


826 Lorimer St, Port Melbourne
1G / 10G / 20G / 100G
Vocus Melbourne
530 Collins St, Melbourne
1G / 10G / 20G / 100G
1G / 10G / 20G / 100G
5G Networks
Level 15/530 Collins St
1G / 10G / 20G / 100G


20 Wharf St, Brisbane City
1G / 10G / 20G / 100G
454 St Pauls Terrace, Fortitude Valley
1G / 10G / 20G / 100G
Equinix BR1
54 Alfred St, Fortitude Valley
1G / 10G / 20G / 100G
Over the Wire
100 Wickham St, Fortitude Valley
1G / 10G / 20G / 100G


11 Newcastle St, Perth
1G / 10G / 20G / 100G
Vocus - Perth IX
1 William St, Perth
1G / 10G / 20G / 100G
Equinix PE2
37 Lemnos St, Shenton Park
1G / 10G / 20G / 100G
QV1 (WAIX & Comms 1)
250 St Georges Terrace, Perth
1G / 10G / 20G / 100G

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