1 Gbps Fibre Internet

Nexthop empowers partners to deliver lightning-fast internet speeds to their business and enterprise clients by leveraging our exclusive private fibre infrastructure available in Sydney / Melbourne / Brisbane / Perth. With our cutting-edge technology, we guarantee the fastest connectivity solution available in the market.

What is 1 Gigabit Internet?

Whether it's for a SME or a large corporate, 1 Gigabit internet offers an unparalleled online experience with solid performance enabled through designated Nexthop's Fibre Network and zero last-mile bandwidth sharing.

1 gigabit internet refers to an ultra-fast internet connection that provides data transmission speeds of up to 1 gigabit per second (Gbps). With this lightning-speed connectivity, users can enjoy seamless streaming, lightning-fast downloads, and lag-free online gaming experiences. 1 gigabit internet enables multiple devices to simultaneously connect to the internet without compromising performance or experiencing slowdowns. It unlocks the potential for advanced applications such as virtual reality, 4K video streaming, and cloud-based services, revolutionizing the way we work, play, and communicate.

Data transmission over fibre optics is one of the most reliable methods available. Fibre uses strands of glass or plastic to carry light pulses that represent data. This makes it a much faster and more secure option than traditional copper wiring.

At the core of this technology is the 1 Gbps fibre connection. This ultra-fast fibre connection utilises Dedicated Dark Fibre core directly routed to the nearest data centre not shared with anyone else for ultimate speed and security. What sets 1 Gbps apart from other fibre connections is its ability to transfer vast amounts of information in a very short period of time with minimal latency, meaning your data will travel quickly and securely across any distance without interruption or disruption.

What benefits does 1Gbps internet offer to a partner's enterprise and business clients?

Enhanced Productivity

With 1Gbps internet, enterprise and business clients can experience a substantial boost in productivity. The lightning-fast download and upload speeds enable seamless file transfers, smooth video conferencing, and eliminate the frustrating waiting times. Companies can efficiently run multiple applications simultaneously without encountering any performance lags, leading to increased efficiency and streamlined workflow.


1Gbps internet provides exceptional value, especially when compared to legacy services with lower speeds. Choosing 1Gbps allows businesses to reduce downtime, enhance network performance, and establish a scalable network infrastructure that aligns with their growth. Moreover, companies can invest with confidence, knowing they are future-proofing their network to meet the speed and reliability requirements of the years to come.

Competitive Advantage

In today's fast-paced business environment, access to cutting-edge technology is crucial for maintaining a competitive edge. By leveraging 1Gbps internet, companies gain access to a state-of-the-art network that supports their most demanding applications, providing them with a distinct advantage. Faster data access, improved collaboration, and enhanced customer service are just some of the ways businesses can outperform their competitors by investing in 1Gbps internet.

Simplified Traffic Management

With ample network capacity, the burden of traffic scheduling and management is significantly reduced for network engineers and system administrators. This allows them to reallocate resources previously spent on traffic management in slower connections, leading to improved efficiency and optimized operations.


1Gbps internet empowers businesses to scale their operations across multiple sites, services, and partners effortlessly. It provides the capacity to handle a large number of simultaneous data-intensive operations, whether in the upstream or downstream direction or a combination of both, ensuring seamless expansion as the business grows.

Optimized Cloud Capabilities

As reliance on cloud services continues to grow, having a 1Gbps line to regional cloud providers enables businesses to leverage the full potential of cloud capabilities. With faster and more reliable connectivity, companies can maximize the benefits of cloud services, such as improved access to data, enhanced collaboration, and faster delivery of cloud-based services.

Why Choose Nexthop?

1 gigabit to the business premises

Each service runs at the speed allowed by the optics, providing a standard download and upload speed of up to 1Gbps. For special applications, we offer speeds beyond 100Gbps. Our dedicated fibre network ensures reliable connectivity, and we utilize active ethernet back to our nearest datacentre.

Private vlans for over-the-top services

Combine high-speed internet access with private vlans that connect to your preferred cloud and over-the-top partner services. Overlay voice, backup, and cloud interconnects on the same 1Gbps port for seamless integration.

Our own network

At Nexthop, we take pride in developing and operating our own fibre network. With our fibre assets deployed in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Perth, we have full control over the network's reliability and performance.

Multi-gig wifi + SD-WAN

Unlock the full potential of cutting-edge multi-gig wifi solutions by unleashing the power of your internet speeds. Accelerate your SD-WAN deployment with high-speed internet, ensuring efficient and optimized networking capabilities.

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