100 Gbps Fibre Internet

Experience unparalleled speed and performance with Nexthop's powerful 100G internet plan, designed to propel your business into the future.

Unleash the Power of 100 Gigabits

  • Blazing-fast internet: Forget lagging connections and bandwidth limitations. With 100G upload and download speeds, you'll enjoy instant applications, seamless video conferencing, and lightning-fast file transfers, even during peak usage.

  • Unmatched productivity: Boost your team's efficiency with a network that keeps pace with their demands. No more waiting for large files, applications will run flawlessly, and multitasking will be effortless

  • Future-proof your infrastructure: Invest in a network that anticipates future growth. Our scalable 100G plan effortlessly adapts to your expanding needs, ensuring you stay ahead of the curve.
100g fibre

Benefits that Elevate Your Business

Dominate the competition

Stand out with the fastest internet in the market. Impress clients with seamless collaboration and deliver unmatched data transfer speeds.

Simplify traffic management

Eliminate complex traffic management practices. Enjoy the freedom of a network that handles heavy data loads effortlessly.

Unlock cloud potential

Experience cloud applications like never before. Stream cloud services seamlessly and optimize your cloud-based operations with unparalleled speed.

Scalability without limitations

Expand your business across borders and applications with confidence. Our 100G plan seamlessly scales to support your growth goals.

Why Choose Nexthop's 100G Plan?

Dedicated infrastructure

Enjoy unmatched performance with our private fiber network, designed exclusively for 100G speeds.

Expert support

Benefit from our dedicated support team, ready to assist you with all your network needs.

Multi-gig Wi-Fi

Combine your 100G plan with our cutting-edge Wi-Fi solutions for seamless connectivity across your entire office.

SD-WAN acceleration

Boost your SD-WAN performance with unparalleled internet speeds, optimizing your network efficiency.

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