How to Choose an IP Transit Provider: Criteria and Considerations

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Are you looking for navigate the digital landscape with confidence armed with the knowledge on how to achieve seamless transmission of data across interconnected networks? Then know this, “Connectivity is King”, and choosing the right IP Transit provider is more than a just a decision, it is a strategic investment in the future. Let our guide be your compass as you understand the digital highways, ensuring optimal connectivity as you understand the backbone of global internet for a smooth browsing experience. This is a journey towards navigating the digital landscape with confidence.

The Importance of the right choice of IP Transit provider

For businesses, electing the appropriate IP transit provider is very significant. It is an investment. Businesses can ensure seamless connectivity and position themselves towards success by prioritizing reliability, performance, scalability, global reach, and security.

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Criteria for Choosing an IP Transit Provider

Several key criterions for when choosing the right IP Transit Provider for your business, while business have their own specific needs and requirements, when it’s about connectivity and security, everyone is after the same considerations.

Consider a network’s performance, this includes latency (VoIP, video conferencing, gaming), Nexthop provides a full-featured Arista core network with east and west submarine cable paths leaving Australian shores, packet loss (data transmission) and throughput (bandwidth-intensive applications), find out about what certain level of service quality (provider’s capabilities and policies to prioritize traffic based on a company’s requirements) the company offers and what type of support is included. Take advantage of an IP Transit’s universality, providers with redundant backboned links, data centres and routing equipment that offer more bandwidth in line with your company’s growth.

Find out about the provider’s network footprint, learn about it’s network reach and connectivity, Does it cover the significant regions relevant to your business operations?

With Nexthop, you will have full routing visibility. The three C’s:

(1) Choose routes or utilise BGP through our tier one connections;

(2) Control and

(3) Configure your own specification via communities

We understand the importance or both reach and connectivity and have built our backbone and interconnects (direct connections to cloud service providers, content delivery networks and other network operators) to ensure we are able to delivery the best possible experience for our clients to reach the largest population centres in Australia.

As a company moves towards success, the requirements grow along side. What are the connectivity options available to businesses to accommodate a company’s growing demand? All networks are not alike. Different plans, different growth forecast. This is where scalability and flexibility will come in. Will the IP Transit provider be able to offer flexible bandwidth positioning, billing models, upgrades to support your growth requirements? With Nexthop, we provide burstable access, aggregated billing and flexible contract terms, based on a client’s traffic profile and requirement.

An IP Transit provider reliability and Service Level Agreement (SLAs) should also be considered. Look for providers that offer a high uptime guarantee, assess the provider’s network infrastructure for redundancy and fault tolerance, what is the provider’s failover mechanisms for handling network outages and disruptions, do they have an automated failover system in place? Evaluate its monitoring tools and response time to support requests and issue resolution, technical support and customer service, is of great importance.

Before committing to an IP Transit provider, consider pricing and contract terms. Look for one that offers transparent pricing with clear breakdowns of costs and fees, a competitive pricing system without hidden charges or unexpected expenses. Does their billing model align with your budgeting and payment preferences? Carefully review a provider’s contract terms, review length or duration, renewal options, termination clauses. One with reasonable notice periods or no excessive penalties for early termination. Inquire about discounts on volume contracts, there might be incentives coming your way.

Never hesitate to negotiate contract terms and pricing with the provider, there might be a more cost-effective connection solution that they can offer your company to secure the deal.

With Nexthop, you have a partner that understands the significance of these considerations. From network performance and reliability to scalability and flexibility, we offer solutions tailored to meet your specific needs and requirements. Our comprehensive approach to connectivity, coupled with transparent pricing and contract terms, ensures that you get the most value out of your investment.

As you move forward in selecting an IP transit provider, remember the importance of thorough evaluation and informed decision-making. Consider not only the immediate needs of your business but also its future growth and expansion.

With Nexthop, you're not just choosing a provider, you're choosing a partner dedicated to your success. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you achieve seamless connectivity and position your business for growth and prosperity in the digital age.

Michael Lim

Co-founder | Managing Director

Michael has accumulated two decades of technology business experience through various roles, including senior positions in IT firms, senior sales roles at Asia Netcom, Pacnet, and Optus, and serving as a senior executive at Nexthop.

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